Cheap Tissue ready debut for March release

Los Angeles punks Cheap Tissue are gearing up to release their debut self-titled LP, due March 2 via Lolipop Records (Oh Sees, The Drums, Peach Kelli Pop.
Like a howl from the gutter at bogus posturing and chic bandwagoning, LA’s Cheap Tissue plays hard, fast, and doesn’t give a good fuck about fashion. Drenched in amphetamine sweats and blown amps, the quartet’s self-titled debut is 12 tracks of unapologetic, blitzkrieg rock. Produced and engineered by Lolipop Records impresario Ignacio Gonzalez, the sound is a melting pot of the raw, DIY punk that shaped the bandmates’ youth, who grew up seeing confrontational acts like Sham 69 and Circle Jerks in questionable, druggy SoCal venues. Never ones for agit-punk, Cheap Tissue is more interested in the party than grim-faced rumination on politics and anarchy. It’s that commitment to fun, and honor for a lifestyle that was never a passing, teenage trend, that unites the members of Cheap Tissue.