Charlie Houston Shares New Single “Things”

Each song from 20-year old artist Charlie Houston is an emotional time capsule with introspective yet relatable storytelling. The genre-bending artist’s debut I Hate Spring EP announcement — out April 23 on Arts & Crafts. Now she reveals the brand new “Things” single/video, directed by Tranquilo (who have collaborated with Clairo and MorMor). The new song looks inward, reflecting on her youthful insecurities and unrequited affection with honest and raw vulnerability.

“It’s sort of about becoming so infatuated with someone that you begin to lose sight of who you are,” says Houston. “Also comparing yourself to the kind of person you think they want, and trying to become that.” The air of melancholy is beautifully countered by the assertive downtempo production and, with the story told in the past tense, there’s a feeling of self-discovery and confidence in her delivery.

Charlie’s breathy, androgynous vocals evoke the captivating immediancy of contemporaries, Empress Of, King Princess, Faye Webster and​ Charlotte Day Wilson. Lead single “Calls” debuted with Zane Lowe on his Apple Music 1 show continues to climb many playlists including Spotify “New Music Friday” “Singled Out” “Fresh & Chill” “indie pop & chill” + Apple Music “Unwind” “Indie Pop” “Pop Chill” and  “Wildflower”.
Throughout the collection, Charlie bravely bares her personal struggles such as mental health issues, romantic heartbreak, first kisses and discovering the fluidity of her sexual identity along the way. Working with producer ​Chris Yonge​, I Hate Spring features five downtempo pop tracks infusing progressive electronic sounds with raw, melodic guitar and pop-R&B vocals. The poetic lyrics intentionally do not include pronouns because the beautifully crafted stories are authentically relatable to any listener.