Charlie Burg Shares New Single “Break The Rhythm”

On the heals of a sold-out show at Los Angeles’ Troubadour, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Burg has dropped new single, “Break The Rhythm” via FADER Label. Hailing from Detroit and now living in Brooklyn with a stop in Syracuse, NY in-between, the track finds Charlie deftly unpacking rootlessness with indie rock-influenced soundtrack.

Burg shares: “The second chapter begins and so does the metaphorical thunderstorm. I wrote ‘Break The Rhythm’ in a hotel room in a small town in Texas on tour. While I was happy to be on my first tour, I felt a rootlessness that I couldn’t describe. Hadn’t I wanted this my whole career? Shouldn’t I be happy? It was also written amidst some heavy conversations about politics and religion with some close friends who were changing. At that point in life, I wasn’t sure how to cope with change at all. This song was written with a sense of doubt, feeling lost, and a painful ejection from childhood, an entrance into an unfamiliar world. The house (both literal and metaphorical) of childhood has been demolished, and I’m struggling to process it all in this new world.”

Photo Courtesy: Dannah Gottlieb