Cave In Shares New Single "Shake My Blood"

With nearly seven years passing since their last album, the members of Cave In convened at their rehearsal space in February 2018 in hopes of capturing lightning in a bottle. After a weekend spent laying the groundwork for new songs to come, Caleb Scofield got in his truck and drove home to New Hampshire. It was the last time his bandmates would ever see him. In an instant, a light had gone out in the world—a monstrous bass tone, a feral roar, a friend and father. While Caleb may not be of this world any longer, his fingerprints can be seen and felt all over Final Transmission out June 7 on Hydra Head. Along with appearing on the album’s opening track an iPhone voice memo, he plays bass on six of the album’s remaining eight songs, and guitar on the other two. Today the band shares the new single, “Shake My Blood,” off the forthcoming album.