Cakes Da Killa Shares “Cakewalk”

People should sleep on New York rapper Cakes da Killa, who presents his new single “Cakewalk” (Young Art Records). Following this year’s standalone single, “Sex Drive,” and his revered 2022 full-length Svengali,  “Cakewalk” sees Cakes reuniting with longtime collaborator Sam Katz on the club-ready track packed with explosive, bass-heavy hip-house beats underlying his signature breathless flows. “Cakewalk” moves like a new mission statement, featuring the rapper tearing through a mutated house shuffle with the hook “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

“‘Cakewalk’ is a warning to an intimate partner that’s playing in your face,” says Cakes. “Drawing inspiration from classics like Kelis’ ‘Caught Out There’ and Blu Cantrell’s ‘Hit ‘Em Up Style’ because who doesn’t love a record that spells out exactly how you’re feeling when a relationship starts getting rocky.”