Baby Bry Bry shares stream of "The Way Things Was"

Washington DC is a hotbed for unique music and perhaps there is none more unique than weirdo rock and roll extraordinaire, Baby Bry Bry. Since 2013, Baby Bry Bry has been making a strong impression in the city’s punk and indie scenes. Now, teaming with up-and-coming DC-based label Cricket Cemetery Records, he’s poised to take his incomparable brand of raw garage punk meets crooning soul to a wider audience.
To celebrate the roster addition and introduce the world to this charismatic performer, Cricket Cemetery has released The Way Things Was, a collection of Baby Bry Bry’s many rare singles and home recordings. The Way Things Was provides a glimpse into the often contradictory world of this distinctive entertainer. With many disparate influences ranging from Roy Orbinson to The Dead Kennedys, it’s a testament to Baby Bry Bry’s songwriting ability that these tracks so seamlessly combine garage, power pop, soul, and punk rock into one catchy, self-described “lounge punk” sound.
The Way Things Was is available now digitally and as a limited cassette. Baby Bry Bry’s first release of new music via Cricket Cemetery Records will be an EP due out in early 2016.

Upcoming Shows:
12/05 Washington, DC @ Songbyrd Music House w/ ADIR LC, Art Sorority for Girls, UVF Rays