Brooklyn's Spritzer Share New Single "Jean & Helene," Announce New Album

Occasionally a band comes around that makes you want to dance. Makes you want to shimmy. Makes you want to shake. This time it’s Spritzer, the band that calls Brooklyn, NY home. Spritzer is the project of Matthew Meade, founder of chamber-pop band Friend Roulette. Though the band features a rotating cast of players, its core members include Ryan Weiner (Tiny Hazard), James Preston (Maybird, Sam Kogan), and Kyle Olson (also of Friend Roulette.) Today the band shares the single “Jean & Helene,” a nostalgic number that shimmies within two words, bossa and nova, without sounding contrived, trivial or rooted in mimicry. You’ll find your finger hitting the repeat button again and again. And again.
The single leads the way for the quartet’s debut LP, Love. Lies. Decay., on April 27th (Paper Garden Records)

 Track Listing:           
1. Little Mystery
2. Sad Clown
3. Jean & Helene
4. Astronaut Byrd
5. Ghost
6. Oh, Lord (I Want To Die) Intermission
7. Lovelies Decay
8. Mortician (Over)