Bronx Slang Releases ‘Bronx Kill’ Mixtape

Deep in the bowels of the Bronx, Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs, make up Bronx Slang and share their latest Bronx Kill Mixtape. Make no mistake, this release hits harder than a Mack truck without brakes as the duo return to perfect their eyewitness reports for when the world slides off its axis. That time seems like right about now.

Informed by the Golden Age while the keep-it-realism took care of itself, 2019’s ‘Bronx Slang’ LP realized the pair’s reverence for Grandmaster Caz and LL Cool J’s ‘I Need a Beat’. The match of undiluted funk fiending for the thrill of the chase, and bars, hooks, scenarios, and stars ripe for knocking down a peg, found fans in DJ Premier, Huw Stephens, and Huey Morgan. 

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