Astralwerks And Blue Note Continue With Lo-Fi Series, Bluewerks Vol. 6: Open The Window

Astralwerks and Blue Note Records have released the sixth installment of Bluewerks, the iconic labels’ collaborative Lo-Fi series where downtempo electronica meets jazz-infused sounds. Bluewerks Vol. 6: Open The Window signifies a new beginning and a breath of fresh air with another standout cast of Lo-Fi’s latest and greatest creators including Nokiaa, Moderator, Bobby Dreamz BIG, Otis Ubaka, Gregory David, Living Room, Rosoul, and Viktor Minsky. watch visualizers here.

Today, SiriusXM has launched SiriusXm Chill x Bluewerks, a takeover of the channel featuring hour-long mixes by Vol. 6 artists that will be played throughout the weekend. In the time since the first EP’s release earlier this year, Bluewerks has become a runaway success in the Lo-Fi genre, garnering over 25 million streams across platforms and prominent placements on tastemaking playlists like Spotify’s “Lo-Fi Beats,” Apple Music’s “Beatstrumental,” and YouTube’s “Lo-Fi Loft.” Bluewerks Vol. 3: Heat Wave hit #1 on the NACC Electronic college radio chart, making it the second Bluewerks EP to reach the top spot. In April, a Bluewerks-themed Hong Kong pop-up shop in partnership with FabCafe provided an immersive experience to fans of the music and coffee alike, presenting a Bluewerks-inspired menu and decor. The event was so successful that a second Hong Kong pop-up was launched with openground cafe.

Bluewerks Vol. 6: Open The Window – Tracklist:

1. Nokiaa – “Stillness”

2. Nokiaa – “Bruce”

3. Moderator – “Laguna”

4. Bobby Dreamz BIG – “A Little Dream”

5. Otis Ubaka – “Atmospheric”

6. Gregory David – “Hazey, Wavy “

7. Living Room, Rosoul, Viktor Minsky – “Ahmad”