A Bird shares "The Sun and the Moon"

After years spent fronting his former band Those Mockingbirds, New Jersey-based artist Adam Bird decided to call it a day in February of 2016 to focus on a different musical path. The time away from the group that had taken up so much of Bird’s creative energy allowed him to indulge in new sounds and influences that wouldn’t have fit within that aesthetic. The electronic leanings of David Bowie, Massive Attack, Radiohead and Air all started to permeate throughout Bird’s new processes and with that, he would return to the studio with a new vision.
Adopting the moniker A Bird, the project was recently unveiled with a debut single, “Polluto,” with “The Sun and the Moon,” out now, serving as the follow-up. Bird plays all of the instruments on both tracks as he views the project as a loose, open-ended, continuous endeavor with no permanent members other than himself. Enjoy the new single below.