Big Bill release debut LP via First Humans Records

November 17, Austin, Texas’ smartest, dumbest band, Big Bill, make their official debut with the 10-song, 30- minute LP, Stand By Your Bill, via First Humans Records.
In the tradition of Texas greats like Big Boys, Dicks, and Butthole Surfers, Big Bill interprets the concept of “punk” in their own unique way, and in a variety of flavors. Over the course of their five years of being a band, Big Bill has endured serious illness, multiple lineup changes, and the usual scourges of real life. As a result, their anxious songs reflect not the angst of youth, but the heavy disappointment that can come with adulthood.
Fusing the raw emotion of Talking Heads and Violent Femmes with the calibrated strangeness of The Monks, Stand By Your Bill is a dark, funny, catchy-as-hell-rock-and-roll record.
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