Bella White Shares New Single “The Way I Oughta Go”

Ahead of a string of August and September tour dates, singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Bella White has released her new single “The Way I Oughta Go.” Produced by Jonathan Wilson and featuring Buck Meek on guitar, the song exemplifies her ability to put her own stamp on traditional country and bluegrass tones, all the while showcasing her captivating and stunning voice. White shares, “‘The Way I Oughta Go’ is a song about not being sure where you should land, when you should take off, or even knowing how. Writing while staring at the ceiling of my Nashville bedroom amidst the late summer heat, I felt stifled. I wrote a song about love and the lack thereof that I was experiencing — where to find it, or if I even believed that it was out there after one profound disappointment on top of another. It’s a song about self, and moving around until you find your place in the world.”

Just Like Leaving caught the attention of Rounder Records which signed her last year. While traditional bluegrass originated in Appalachia, the genre has surely found a safe and loving Canadian home via her songwriting. The twenty two year-old singer/songwriter and instrumentalist shys away from modern and fussy arrangements, and instead brings a traditional style of music into the contemporary moment by personalizing it to her own experiences. White has shown herself to be a star student of the bluegrass genre, with something new to bring to the table. Her ability to translate modern experience to an old sound is seamless and compelling, and permeates the boundaries of a regional genre with authentic singing and songwriting.