Beauty In Chaos Shares New Single "Storm (feat. Ashton Nyte)"

“Is it 1988 all over again?” That’s probably what’s going through the minds of our elders when listening to “Storm feat. Ashton Nyte,” the new single by Beauty In Chaos, the band comprised of  Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Simon Gallup (The Cure), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Al Jourgensen (Ministry), along with  Pete Parada (The Offspring), DUg Pinnick (Kings X), ICE-T (Body Count), Michael Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel – Michael Aston), Michael Anthony (Van Halen). It’s not a supergroup but an album curated by LA-based guitarist Michael Ciravolo.
The debut album Finding Beauty in Chaos (33:3 Music Collective)was apparently born of frustration and creativity and will be released on September 21, 2018.