Beacon Shares New Single “Until Next Time”

With a deep rumble of electronic noise and a billowing whirl of starlit melody, we are once again invited into the world of Beacon through new song “Until Next Time.” The poignant new single from Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett reveals a fresh aesthetic of contrasts. Kick drum tremors pair with intimate piano notes, swells of fuzzy static rise and crash into hushed vocals, and the whole earthly ensemble eventually floats right off the ground. This song signals the start of a new chapter with more music coming this year. 

“It really captures some key dynamics of our new work,” Jacob reveals. “Shifts between rich, delicate piano and intense electronic noise are defining characteristics of this genre-bending, soft-loud direction.”

But there’s even more to “Until Next Time” than its arresting music. The song arrives along with word of Beacon’s first tour dates in the two-plus years since the pandemic began. “It’s the first light, our atmospheric reentry,” says Thomas. And the accompanying music video further articulates the visual and emotional landscape the pair have been creating. 

Directed by Jacob himself, it’s an engrossing cinematic experience that emerged from a key lyric: “With my face to the glass, both sides of the tether.” Thomas is matched with an uncanny doppelg√§nger, whose actions mirror, fracture, and distort his own. “It opens with them feverishly running towards one another,” Jacob explains, “drawn to this inevitable collision. Two characters so intertwined as to be almost one, their journey from connection to rupture.”