Bamala, brings you a self titled album that is sure to rock your chakras! Deep-nodic tones bring you to the right place of space on this latest offering from the left coast technician. Check out the exclusive feature and get to know Basmala…

GB: The music on the album emits a lot of different feelings coming from different angles/degrees. What was your inspiration in reaching those different plateaus to present this album to the world?

Basmala is motivated by personal intention, purpose and unifying the production. Conceptually its serial art, just like my library it covers various spectrums, styles and genres. Also knowing that music and art is not absolute or has to be done a certain way. Hip-Hop is not confined to the BOOM-KICK, always landing on the 4 and spitting a hot 16. Hip-Hop can have compassion, feeling and flow smoothly. Hip-hop can tap into higher frequencies and be aware. Hip-Hop is not just an outlet for all that is wrong in the world. By majority, It didn’t start that way, it wasn’t transmitted that way and shouldn’t stay that way. With Basmala hip-hop is eclectic, insightful, self-reliant, aware, independent and articulate.

Expansion is the motif, finding the sacred space or niche for each release is the difficult part, from concept to production to the listener.  

Basmala the album is inspired by wisdom, true art, and some pretty cool music while letting the rest just be. You know, moving beyond being motivated by material success or power. Not stimulated by skepticism or false narratives, just clearly committed to bringing some light. 

We try to surround ourselves with as many deep thinkers and good characters as possible. People with perspectives that tap into the cerebral and sacred aspects of music. Including the healing aspects of music in order to understand our purpose in this world. It also came from the overwhelming need to trim the ego just enough to allow awareness to evolve into that sacred space. 

GB: What inspires you the most when creating music? Listening to music, reading, writing, meditating?

Basmala: As a producer of music and writer, I am always writing and conceptualizing. I am personally inspired or stimulated by wisdom, deep thoughts, and truth. Whether it’s in the form of movie dialogue, other emcees, jazz, punk, ambient, soundtracks etc. Truth is indisputable and you know when you hear it. Truth has the right qualities to remove perception and give you perspective. In art, I am personally always refining or redefining tracks, concepts and writings to get to that truth. Its like I am engaged in life as an artist redefining my character accessing higher planes, expanding my capabilities and offerings. Never being limited to what is in front of me. This is something that comes from the soul. Doing the utmost to stay aware of the obstacles and decisions that need to be made to get to the point. Just pushing to discover and restore that unique whole soul. 

GB: Musically what is the difference between Hasan Atiq and Basmala?

Basmala: One represents the other in the motif sense. Yet, as a moniker, Basmala cannot be iconoclastic as an ideal. Basmala provides clarity, intention applied to the works of Hasan Atiq. As an artist, the production is Basmala and Hasan Atiq carries out the work. You can’t have one without the other. Intentions are well and good, but when you’re running a business, producing tracks, writing and finding the right people to get jobs done somebody has to do the work. Without clarity, It can become extremely overwhelming. Currently, I am dealing with about 24 projects a year, contracts, manufacturing etc.. When I talk to people on the phone, other artists, and peers. They seem to get it, If I didn’t have my intention and purpose in order, I won’t be able to complete projects. Basmala clarifies my intention daily.

GB: How long did it take you to make this album and where were you mentally when you started the album compared to where you were when you completed it?

Basmala: We have been on this album for about 4 years. I came in fresh off this Visionary Soul idea regarding visual art and music. So, we went into pre-production in early 2012. At the end of 2012, I had the tracks out to those I pictured involved on the album. We went through another process of leaking music, redefining concepts, remixing and mastering of the material. Which took about another year and half to complete. So, the album as a concept was ready in late June of 2015. I added a few more tracks and started the placement of singles in August of 2015. Now I am patiently looking for some (sacred) space to start the next series of projects, which I am chomping at the bit about.

GB: You’re releasing the album on your own label, foregoing dealing with label politics. How has the experience been for you thus far?

Basmala: In hindsight, and at this moment it was the best decision for the Basmala project. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone in every circumstance because we all have our own paths to follow. Our publishing house has been in place since 2004, plus we have over 15 years of DIY industry experience. Also, at FKA Co. we reissue back catalog releases and digital music in-house to all the major retailers including big box stores. So this gave us the reach and comfortability to launch independently for Basmala on the front facing catalog. 

GB: What’s on deck for your next project? Collaborations? 

Basmala: Around the current project Basmala, we are currently re-releasing Basmala in Europe exclusively on vinyl. The release date is set for this summer, late June or shortly after. The instrumentals are also being released separately on CD / Digipack as ‘Secret Of Secrets’.  There’s also a Hasan Atiq Ep preparing to drop called MON. I am also writing for the Hasan Atiq album scheduled this Winter entitled, “The Game Of Depth”. For the rest of 2016 we will be releasing 4 other Basmala Library Music albums in the ambient soul and chillout genre. 

Basmala is out now, cop it HERE