Backtrack releases Bad To My World via Bridge Nine

Backtrack aren’t merely carrying the torches of their New York hardcore forbearers—they’re starting some fires of their own. An imposing force looming over the underground music scene for nearly a decade, Backtrack have cemented their name in hardcore lore one record, tour, and diatribe at a time. Four years following their combustible sophomore LP Lost In Life, Backtrack are bolting back into the spotlight with Bad To My World (November 17, Bridge Nine).
A handful of years may have passed since Backtrack’s last offering, but the five-piece sounds more indignant than ever. Written over the course of three years, Bad To My World spawned 10 tracks flying in the face of any and all barriers—physical, mental, thematic, and beyond. Informed by the sounds of what enticed each member into hardcore music in the first place, Bad To My World clamors with youthful discontent while commenting on fissures plaguing the hardcore community and the world at large. Determined to dodge repetition, the record seethes with the tough-as-nails posture of Killing Time and Agnostic Front while snaking through glimmers of alternative and crossover.
Backtrack’s Bad To My World will be released on Bridge Nine on November 17. Pre-order here.