AYLØ Shares First Single Off Upcoming Album

Nigerian artist AYLØ — whose music straddles alternative R&B, neo soul, and world — announces a new project: the Clairsentience EP, out October 29th via Soulection Records. Lead single off the upcoming EP, “Romantic” (out now) is a dynamic combination of soft spoken guitar, subtle afrobeats, and falsetto, accentuated by a simple beat. The track is about “loving another person because you see some of yourself in them.”

“Romantic is one of those anthem-like songs to me. Chats and affirmations to go on. In life and in love, no matter what,” AYLØ says about “Romantic.”
Typically when AYLØ is working on a project, he produces, writes, and records 10-20 songs before choosing the ones that fit a theme. Clairsentience is different: he created and ordered each track chronologically. “The inception was like a divine gift as all my music really is before being an avenue for therapy and a way to share love and vibrations through sound,” AYLØ says about the EP. 

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