ASTRUS* Shares Single “skin glowing, sun beaming”

Rising Dallas-based musician ASTRUS* shares “skin glowing, sun beaming.” The new track follows the release of the cinematic “Soldier Boy” and the upbeat and energetic “clean up my mess.”  Made during the peak of summer when fun, sunlight, freedom and confidence perfectly blend, ASTRUS* showcases his talent and witty wordplay over a two-minute ballad seeing strings and piano coalescing. “This is a perfect record for when someone is feeling themselves,” he says of the track. “From the nostalgic and luxurious beat to the braggadocious hook.” 

Growing up nothing was ever easy for Astrus* especially when pursuing music. At the age of 13, Astrus* started posting on SoundCloud almost every week. Recording off of a USB microphone and his mom’s computer Astrus* tried everything to make it work. He started posting 1-minute rap videos on Instagram that started to go viral. These videos now would combine a total of 21million + views online. After some success with these videos Astrus* started working on music videos and music that would finally go on to all platforms, dropping around 50+ songs on soundcloud. He finally released “She wonders why” on all platforms, the song started his whole wave and changed his life forever.