Artson Shares Uplifting “Propel”

We all have a past that will weigh us down if we let it. Having someone in your life that can help you see that can be the key to unlocking a whole new way to live. One in which your heart can be unburdened by the past and fulfilled by the journey. That’s the latest gem of wisdom Artson has to share with us on his newest single “Propel” off Queendom,  his new album set to release Friday.

“When I finally just let go of all of the guilt and shame I was carrying, and allowed love to lead the way in my life, I feel like it elevated my artistry to new heights,” he says. “I realized how much my past ways of living, that street life I grew up in, had become an anchor holding me back from what’s truly in my soul to share with the people. I don’t regret where I come from, but I’m grateful to know I can evolve as a person and an artist. And that’s what this life is about.”

Artson’s true fans know this journey all too well and can look forward to another track overflowing with feel-good vibes that shift your mind his music is known for. For those that happen to be in Las Vegas this weekend, they can catch a live performance of “Propel” and other tracks off Queendom in addition to some of his greatest fan favorites.