Ani Cordero Shares Anthemic Single "Pa' Poder Vivir"

New York musician and activist Ani Cordero is set to release her third album El Machete (Panapén Records) on September 20, 2019. The new release contains a deep emotional range, with songs about feminism, colonialism, anger, love, loss, and healing.  In anticipation of the album’s release, she shares the second single, and lyric video for “Pa’ Poder Vivir.”

“Pa’ Poder Vivir” is a really important song for me,” declares Cordero. “The song talks about reconstructing the society like you would a house — to make space for us as women to live the lives we want to live. We’ll have to break down walls, create windows to let the light in, build passageways…It’s a struggle, but we’re going to make space for all of us.”

For the song, she gathered many badass women in her life to sing the chorus “LUCHA” (fight/battle). In the bridge/outro, it features Puerto Rican feminist poet, musician, and filmmaker, Macha Colón and on backing vocals, Mexican queer feminist Renee Goust. “It was a super powerful experience to be surrounded and supported by so many strong and talented women.”