AMAARA Shares Cover Of ”Alsatian Darn”

AMAARA, aka Kaelen Ohm releases the reimagined  version of “Alsatian Darn,” the Panda Bear song from the acclaimed 2011 album Tomboy. The song fits seamlessly onto the upcoming album “Child of Venus,” out early winter.  Ohm explains of the track: “Tomboy came out pretty soon after I started playing in bands, and it was one of those records that felt like the holy grail of indie music at the time. Alsatian Darn has always been my favorite song on the album and I’ve wanted to cover it for years – though I always thought I would try to make a version as close to Noah’s as possible. Ten years later, the song came to mind while mixing my record in Bath, Ontario. We had an extra day in the studio, so I learned it on the piano and it started taking shape into a very different feeling track – one that ended up on the album, which wasn’t the initial plan.”

AMAARA released her sophomore effort Heartspeak in 2020 to positive reviews. The album was written and recorded in a spare bedroom studio in Calgary, AB over a ten day period. Songs from the album were featured on New Music Friday, NPR’s All Songs Considered, Tower Records, Guitar Girl Magazine and more. 

Ohm returned to the same bedroom studio to embark on her debut LP Child of Venus over the Spring and Summer of 2021The result was a 13 track album that blends AMAARAs ethereal dream pop sound with hints of r&b, jazz, rock and folk. Ohm explores themes of isolation, the reclamation of childhood freedom and creativity, and the psychedelic experience. The album is set to be independently released later this year.