Alexander Biggs Shares Emotional Single “Laundromat”

Alexander Biggs has shared a new single ahead of his upcoming SXSW debut,  “Laundromat”. Delivering a narrative of connection and disconnection through distance. He says, “This song is a sit down shower (which is dreadfully irresponsible in this current climate). I want it to wash over you like the thoughts kind of washed over me. I wrote ’Laundromat’ to wrap my head around a relationship that was seeing a lot more space than there used to be, like I was trying to fill the gaps with noise to cover the creaks of the house. At first it’s a little despondent, then a little desperate, and then a little petty. I wanted to express some of the ways we try to reason with hard decisions and forks in the road, our attempts to barter with fate — sometimes we thrash, other times we sit still.” 

Self recorded and produced, Alexander Biggs’ new songs have been written and recorded in many places — from blanket fort hideaways in a noisy city to a suburban kitchen; the lively lounge room of friends of friends to a makeshift bedroom on the lounge floor of his mother’s house. “Laundromat” is the third single from this eclectic collection, comprising a full-length album to be released in 2020.