Alexa Rose Shares "The Last Wildflower"

Alexa Rose has released the third single, “The Last Wildflower”, off of her debut album Medicine for Living coming out on Big Legal Mess October 4.  The new single is an impeccable example of Rose’s ability to set the scene, transporting you to a place you may have no connection to but she’s able to conjure all the same.

Speaking to the song Rose says: “I was renting a big old house in the country with a rotating handful of people. I often would hike up to this old firetower down the road. There were these big open pastures along the way that filled up with tall grasses and flowers in the summer, but they were especially striking in November when there were just a few defiant yellow blooms contrasting against grey skies and high country cold fronts. Some people get bummed out about the weather getting cold, but for me, watching the landscape change with the seasons reminds me that life is full of cycles. Not so much that you know you’ll get through them, but that they offer some familiarity.”