Young Paris' New Mixtape for Okayafrica's 'Africa In Your Earbuds'

Okayafrica presents the latest installment of their Africa In Your Earbuds mixtapeseries.  For Africa In Your Earbuds #68, NYC’s Young Paris breaks down his African-influenced electronic sound to its core—a shifting progression from tracks made on handcrafted Congolese instruments to modern West African beats & rhymes. Hear themixtape here:

“This African mix was inspired by the traditional, the current, and the future of Central & West African Music,” Young Paris explains. “It preludes with the ancient sounds of the Congo forest which was embodied by original handmade instruments known as ‘the ancestors  of all music’–displayed by Kasai Allstars.”
On his hour and a half-long Africa In Your Earbuds mixtape, Young Paris runs through the full spectrum of his music’s background—kicking off with the acoustic Congolese sounds of Kasai Allstars and building up the pace to include Angolan house spinners Renato Xtrova & DJ Malvado, as well as recent huge hits like “Ojuelegba” and “Tchelete(Goodlife).”