Yasmin Nur Shares ‘Punch Me! This Is a Nightmare’ EP Reissue

Wichita-based singer-songwriter Yasmin Nur is no stranger to letting her emotions lead the direction of her art. With emotive lyricism and inspiration from 90s rock queens, Yasmin has been able to find her own way of balancing the heavy and the delicate. The artist just signed to the Skeletal Lightning family and has reissued her infectious EP, Punch Me! This Is a Nightmare!

Encapsulating the bittersweet end of teen girlhood and the dreams of early adult freedom – Punch Me! This is a Nightmare captured the innocence before the pain. Diving into heavy subjects of self-destruction and harsh betrayal,  PMTIAN reopens the deep wounds we never chose to mend.  Pulled from diary pages, this record paints a raw and candid picture of some of Yasmin’s darkest moments.

Even in those dark moments, light always came to the surface. PMTIAN celebrates the importance of friendship and devotion.  The soul tie created thru growing into yourself with your best friends. Bonds built on nights of sharing secrets and fears. This record explores the pain and liberation of learning to let go.