Album Stream | Sunbeam Tiger, ‘Accelerate’

Emerging from the lush jungle of the PNW music scene Sunbeam Tiger is ready to pounce with their high-octane brand of song-crafting prowess. Born from the legendary soul R&B revue Georgetown Allstars, Accelerate is a natural audio wonder that offers the discerning listener a truly immersive audio experience. With well-crafted songs about love, mermaids, and perseverance, this Tiger really shows its New-Wave stripes.

“Creating this album was an unbelievably rewarding and challenging experience for all of us at Sunbeam Tiger. Gathering a group of dedicated, talented and fun-loving musicians together during the pandemic was no easy task. We were able to create something truly special giving these songs the attention they deserved not to mention highlighting the incomparable Katherine Romano. We are proud to present these handcrafted tunes to the world so turn it up and enjoy” 

Along with Brink, Sunbeam Tiger is led by the unmistakable purr that is the voice of Katherine Romano. The band is well equipped to operate at peak performance featuring an engine powered by Seattle area musicians that really know their habitat. The guitar work of the astonishing Jaisen Buccellato invites you to lean closer into the speaker with each note. The scintillating keyboards from the always-smooth Matt Lambek will heighten your senses. Half-Cat and Pike Place Market legend Julie Baldridge weaves her violin into the forest canopy. This machine is kept humming down the road by the uncanny and nimble Chris Brummel on the low end and the infectious beats of the drummer. Together, Sunbeam Tiger is ready to show its claws and release this current batch of memorable songs into the wild. 

Written at the Substation Ballard, the record is a celebration of the art and craft of songwriting, arranging, and collaboration. A record about stoicism, not giving up, and following your heart, Accelerate reminds the listener that what’s in the way is the way – so step on the gas, lean back, and enjoy the ride! Listen below: