PREMIERE: Hamish Hawk Shares New Album 'From Zero To One'

One week before its release, Hamish Hawk & The New Outfit premieres the new album From Zero To One (Epifo Music) today. In late February the group premiered the song “Blueprints” but while the song tugged on your heartstrings with Hawk’s unique cadence and deep vocals, as well as beautiful keyboard play, the slow delivery doesn’t, or rather it didn’t, prepare for the album. Hawk’s debut came in 2014 and this is his sophomore release, playing out quite frequently throughout Scotland alongside notable acts like Emma Pollock, Euro Childs, Malcolm Middleton and Withered Hand just to name a few.

The album contains more of the same alongside such monumental tracks like the opening “Nomad” which sounds like it takes its lead from 70’s/80’s glorified punk bands, or “Goldenacre,” which is both sonically expressive yet holds Hawk’s penchant for clever lyricism. There’s more to be offered up here on this album which is bound to have you fall in love with it just after one spin. (Photo: Ludovic Farine)
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