Album Stream | Mystery Rose, ‘Socially Distant’

The emotional toll that the pandemic has been felt by everyone in various ways.  Los Angeles’ own Zoe Rose (who goes the moniker of Mystery Rose) found inspiration from the crippling circumstances and turn it into a brazen display of pop-punk and beautifully sung ballads in her debut LP Socially Distant, out officially October 15th

The eleven tracks that encompass the album signify an artist that is beginning to find her voice all while slowly understanding the feelings one experiences at a young age-nostalgia, anger, and reckoning.  Rose worked closely with musician-producer Dan West (d’Animal, LoveyDove, Sidewalk Society) to piece together the album in socially distance settings to help create the powerful arrangements.

“The album is a reminder of the isolation we all felt during the Covid 19 lockdowns,” Rose says in regard to Socially Distant.  “Many of the songs were written specifically to that theme and recorded from a distance.  ‘Broken Hearted Birthday’ is a song that tells the story of how sad it is to not be able to celebrate a birthday with a friend.  We all have gone through at least one birthday during these strange times.  ‘Take Me Back’ takes you on a journey of yearning for the past, even though I am only eighteen.  The ending of the song is especially eerie using a common nursery rhyme and inserting that the earth may be ending.  The album concludes with ‘Just Gonna Walk This Lonely Road.’  This song sums it all up nicely.  The song allows us to each surrender to the fact that we were all lonely and “the past is the present now.”  Sort of a new normal.

“I used the picture I took of a mask blowing in the wind as the album cover because I thought it would be a cool time capsule. I am saddened that it is as relevant today as it was when I took the photo at the beginning of 2020.”

Today Mystery Rose has allowed listeners to take a sneak peek of the album.