Album Premiere | Mojave Phone Booth, ‘Hollow The Numbers’

Born at the confluence of industrial dance, anthemic metal, and noise, the Mojave Phone Booth LP Hollow the Numbers is at turns thundering, sensual, and cathartic. Rumbling sub-bass propels the rhythm forward, as sweeping sheets of shimmering electrostatic noise tingle the subconscious. Underpinning this otherworldly soundscape is a strong foundation of eminently engaging songwriting. Together, Tobey Torres-Doran and Mitchell J Doran of Snake River Conspiracy, along with Lynn Farmer of Meat Beat Manifesto, have crafted a perfect soundtrack to late nights – and early mornings.  

Previously self-released and not meaningfully promoted, the record generated sufficient word of mouth to capture the attention of Label 51. The deluxe edition includes remixes of the entire record and a non-album bonus track.

Slated to drop October 20th, Mojave Phone Booth is allowing listeners to take in Hollow The Numbers early. Doran says, “Each format has alternate versions of the music. Since we were creating the masters for three different formats I decided to write and arrange new transitions where it felt necessary. Side four of the vinyl version is probably my favorite thing I’ve been a part of as a musician and producer. It has some of our most experimental work.

The end of side A of the cassette version has some of Tobey’s favorite music on the album. She really took the songs to a different place from where they started and does things on the record she’s never done before.”

Husband-and-wife duo Mitch and Tobey first began making music together as members of the cult electronic act Snake River Conspiracy. They are joined in Mojave Phone Booth by drummer Lynn Farmer of Meat Beat Manifesto (Farmer has also worked with The Orb, Consolidated, Dub Collective, and a host of other projects.)

Torres was discovered singing in the Bay Area and was signed to Interscope Records on the strength of a two-song demo. She was the lead vocalist and frontperson for Snake River Conspiracy, touring the world with bands such as A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age, Filter, Etc. In addition to being signed as an artist to Warner Brothers, she also sang as a session vocalist on various recordings for Warner/Reprise records. 

Doran began playing guitar at seven years old. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, he was hired as a teenager to work as a session musician and recording engineer on major label releases for Warner Brothers and various other labels. His recruitment to Snake River Conspiracy marked the beginning of a creative collaboration that continues to this day. 

Hollow the Numbers is testament to fearless experimentation. Written and recorded in their Bay Area home studio, is a stellar example of the “studio as instrument” approach to songwriting. Not only does the band draw from an impressive collection of analog gear, but they have also elevated the craft by building much of their equipment themselves. In addition to playing synths, drums, bass and guitars,  Doran also records and produces the band’s albums. Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers plays bass on a cover of The Weirdos classic “Life Of Crime”.

Reimagined in all new versions that the band feels are its finest work to date, Hollow the Numbers is a psychedelic-tinged journey through multiple production styles and techniques. It weaves together sounds from avant-garde electronic, industrial, 70s jazz fusion, sci-fi/horror soundtracks, and goth/synth-pop into a potent, compelling mix.