Maniac Streams New Album 'Dead Dance Club'

Occasionally one will find something that can peel paint from walls while allowing you to pogo up and down, either alone or standing in a crowded room with likeminded individuals. LA’s Maniac strives to make you want to have a good time, playing a raucous blend of derivative punk. But Maniac is derivative unto itself. The band’s new album Dead Dance Club (Dirt Cult / Hovercraft)is catchy enough for fans of mainstream punk but remains loud and dirty for the underground leather jacket-clad kids.
Made up of Zache Davis (vocals/bass), Justin Maurer (vocal/guitar), Andrew Zappin (guitar), and James Carman (drums/vocals), the members of the band dream, and they dream big. Zappin has even shared with the world, “I’d like to load the band onto the back of a flatbed and hit the road. We could play every Olive Garden parking lot from LA to Portland, Maine. I’d also like to play Japan. Maniac should have a ‘Live at Budokan’ moment.” If you press play to listen to the Dead Dance Club album, we’re certain that you’d agree as well.

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