Music | FVRMN, Back To The Whip

Tokyo based punk band Fever Moon (now stylized as FVRMN) releases its fourth album, Back To The Whip, tomorrow via Bifocal Media. balance of both sincerity and a sick sense of humor.

Back To The Whip was meant to be a “one and done” kind of a raw slam punch to the guts; but once he got a few friends on board (including Mike Watt of Minutemen, Chris Broach of Braid, Christian Madden of The Liam Gallagher Band, and more), things began shaping up into a more refined type of beast with multiple layers that slowly began to expose themselves with each repeated listen.

Fans of heavyweight hooks a la Dinosaur Jr, Superchunk, Husker Du, Leatherface should all rejoice as FVRMN’s big wall of sound guitars creates a dense blast of sound that matches up perfectly with the fine-tuned razor-sharp art of true songcraft.

Back To The Whip will be released digitally and as a limited-edition LP on red and ultra-clear vinyl. Pre-orders are available HERE.

Photo courtesy of FVRMN.