Evidence Shares ‘Squirrel Tape Instrumentals, Vol. 2.,’ Launches Record Label

Evidence has announced the launch of his new record label Bigger Picture Recordings. In tandem with the launch of the new record label comes the release of Evidence’s latest album of instrumental tracks, Squirrel Tape Instrumentals, Vol. 2.  The 26-track collection serves as a sequel to 2019’s highly revered Squirrel Tape Instrumentals, Vol. 1 releaseSquirrel Tape Instrumentals, Vol. 2 is the first of many releases to come on the newly-founded label. Future projects produced by Evidence with artists like Domo Genesis, Fly Anakin, Planet Asia, and more are on the horizon for 2022 and beyond. 


  1. New Leads
  2. Bogota
  3. Loose Change
  5. Two Crates
  6. Quebec
  7. Sunday Squirrel
  8. Tammy
  9. Hymnal
  10. Under the Ground
  11. Own No Loops
  12. Peaceful Place
  13. The Wood
  14. Horizon
  15. Bilingual
  16. From the Mud
  17. Drawbridge
  18. Flying Squirrels
  19. One Two 
  20. Earth on Hell
  21. Mac Mill
  22. Bay
  23. The Legend of Conway
  24. Shooting Film
  25. Holy Umbrella
  26. B Room