EP Stream: Model/Actriz, No

Known for their pulsing blend of danceable noise, visceral post-punk, and a live performance that mirrors the way the record unravels, Model/Actriz is an experiment in the primal aspects of human experience.
Formed in Boston, the band draws on inspirations from a myriad of scenes, with lead singer Cole hailing from Delaware, and Jack and Ruben from sunny Southern California. Yet there is a certain darkness that influences and permeates their music, reminiscent of the likes of Death Grips, Savages, and Nicolas Jaar. Their debut EP, AVA, threatens to burst at its own seams, with the trio paying homage to their love of noise, punk, and house music, an alchemical mixture of which turns much more volatile and terrifying than even those individual elements would lead to you to believe.
Following the politically-charged, volatile debut AVA, Model/Actriz present their newest work No, a continuation of their noisy dance music processional. The four tracks tread the line between the brute force of punk and throbbing grooves of dance music, like a heart about to explode.
Written in the fall of 2016, the songs were perfected live in the underground scenes of Boston and Los Angeles. The EP explores a minimally tonal sonic palette, relying on Ruben Radlauer and Jack Wetmore’s coalescing noises and rhythms rather than traditional song elements to awaken something primitive in the audience.
The EP is raw and minimal; it emits a grotesque light that goes hand in hand with frontman Cole Haden’s visceral lyric themes on the body, sex, and hate; it is about scrutinizing and tearing oneself apart; then offering the spoils up into searing light. No was recorded live by Chris McLaughlin (Mean Creek, BOYTOY) at the Converse Rubber Tracks Studio.
Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering the EP stream, which you can enjoy below. It hits the streets via Danger Collective Records today.

(Visit Model/Actriz here:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/modelactriz
Instagram: @modelactriz
Bandcamp: www.modelactriz.bandcamp.com)