EP Stream: Elliah Heifetz, New Folk Songs

Songwriter Elliah Heifetz is an emissary of the folk tradition, exploring all of its corners and nuances. His thoughtful and vibrant lyrics paint a colorful picture that studiously informs and harkens to the craft’s tradition, as well as its future.

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering his EP, New Folk Songs. This is what he said about it:

“I love the way all these ’60s folk revival records had names like ‘New Sounds in Folk Music’ or ‘Original Folk Songs’ or ‘Modern Folk Tunes.’ They might seem boring, but those titles are actually pretty meaningful; American folk music is one of our oldest traditions and it can take years for a song to enter the folk canon.

“The contradiction of calling something a ‘new folk song’ is both funny to me and also feels oddly right when it comes to my own writing. I’m a near-obsessed student of the tradition, but I’m also deeply situated in this insane time and place now. So I called this EP New Folk Songs, because that’s what they are — new and old, messy and clean, pretty and rough, nostalgic yet fixed on what’s next.”

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