Album Premiere | C Trip A ‘U Should Live Here’

Hip-Hop, much like any other genre, has gone through numerous variations and changes. From its earliest stages, we can all see & hear its transformation and growth into one of the most inventive genres of the past 40 years. Of course, a number of artists relinquish any idea of contemporary notions, creating non-standardized ideas for something much more left-of-center, conforming to nothing in regards to mainstream culture, allowing for music to remain on the fringes, moving with an unregistered technicality.

In comes Philadelphia’s C TRIP A, comprised of Anthony Adams and Christian McKenna (Dear Hughes,  The Brazilian Gentleman), who began receiving attention with 2020’s Ozzy Nights E.P. (Translation Loss Records). It set the pace and tone of what was to come, and as C Trip A began working on its full-length debut, the duo released a remix of “Thought Streams,” produced by Godflesh/Jesu’s Justin Broderick at the tail end of last year. The experiment aspects of the track, its noisy characteristics are charming, like a calligraphic musical backdrop, setting the tone for what was to come as guest Liz Ndichu’s vocals are haunting, fitting in well within the mixture.

C Trip A is set to release its debut album, U Should Live Here (Internet & Weed) this Friday and features an assortment of guest appearances. Aside from artists like Anda (x-Dap Kings) & Ashley Tobias (Gogol Bordello), the new album has an assortment of production wizardry. Alap Momin (BKGD Audio, x-dälek), Merc Yes (MRC Riddims, All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors), Finn Brennan, and the aforementioned Broadrick all rally around U Should Live Here.

Prior to the release of the new album, C Trip A shares a first look at the new album, delivering a heady mix of sound through its clear vision filled with texture & originality.

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