Baltimore's Western Star Share New Album Any Way How

Baltimore’s own Western Star is set to release its new album Any Way How (Saustex Records) on 11/16/18 but that hasn’t stopped them from unveiling their second album today. The road-tested foursome has been touring for the past 3 years establishing roots up and down the East Coast and all across the South. I’m sure that suits the band fine there and now with its new record, they’re sure to win over some new fans as they hold tightly onto their own influences culled from a grassroots Amercian rock that many have come to know and love. Western Star’s new album sounds like the culmination, or rather the continuation, of bringing that lost classic rock many have grown up with, updating it to fit itself alongside their contemporaries. With J. Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines/Channels) behind the boards, the band’s sound on Any Way How is clear and precise.