Album Premiere: Wet Tropics, Everybody Get In

Chicago-based indie punks Wet Tropics release their Everybody Get In album this Friday, November 27. For the unindoctrinated, Wet Tropics are an enigma: a beautifully misshapen, wonderfully weird piece of the modern musical puzzle that firmly overlaps multiple rock genres all at once.

On their forthcoming album, Everybody Get In, it’s not uncommon for Wet Tropics to playfully occupy the same hazy reverb-soaked space as post-punk forbearers Psychedelic Furs and the angular, art-damaged rock bombast of Ty Segall, Osees, or Jacuzzi Boys in the course of a single three-minute foray. Although the band’s sound may lean to the West Coast, they haven’t eschewed their Midwest roots entirely. You’ll get those pungent whiffs of Pixies’ and The Jesus and Mary Chain’s cool anthemic college rock color mixes here too!

Guitarist and vocalist John Rejba began his career in the Midwest indie and post-rock bands Boys Life and The Farewell Bend. While his contributions to songwriting and rhythmic bass playing of his earlier efforts are broadly recognized, Wet Tropics finds him moving from stage right to lending his writing voice to the musical songscape. Rounding out the mayhem is veteran drummer/vocalist Krystal Rosenbrock and multi-instrumentalist Justin Watt on bass. These two bring more power and expression to a rhythm section that simply can’t be underestimated. Together the three form Wet Tropics, a DIY musical democracy that delivers a markedly distinct and impactful group effort. Make no mistake, the Wet Tropics sound has the Gen-X slacker charm firmly in place, but it’s also hotwired with key elements of garage rock, power pop and post-punk that find Wet Tropics at the front line of exploratory rock music.

Produced by Rejba, Matt Holmes and Jeff Dean, Wet Tropics’ Everybody Get In was recorded at The Echo Mill by Holmes, mixed by Dean at The Deanery, and mastered by Adam Stilson. The album sees release on cassette via Friend Club Records and will be available for streaming on Apple, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc. Order the cassette format version of the album and a sick shirt designed by Josh Berwanger (Berwanger, The Anniversary, Radar State, etc.) here:

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering the album stream of this certified ripper.

To celebrate the album’s release, the band teamed with Sean Loftus for the trippy performance video for lead single “Cool California.”

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