Album Stream: The Noted, ‘Lost & Found’

On their third LP Lost & Found Portland, OR quintet The Noted deliver finely crafted, unpredictable pop rock that is both intellectually stimulating and eminently engaging. Started initially by primary songwriter Daniel Work, The Noted find inspiration throughout the last half-century of the FM landscape, lending their art an easy familiarity while still feeling very much of the moment. Featuring interwoven him and her vocals and a wonderful melodic rock band, Lost & Found offers honest songs set in a diverse, often cinematic, auditory environment.

Today, The Noted have allowed us to share Lost & Found a day early from the official release.

Here’s Work on the album: “Our 3rd album ‘Lost & Found’ was a labor of love and stick-to-it-ness to write, record and mix honest songs reflecting a wide range of emotions enabling our diverse, often cinematic musical vibe and interwoven him & her vocals. 

We had two basic goals before we started this album journey.  One – create tracks that were personal, real and that each spoke individually, musically to that particular song.  And second, the five of us each loved the result, which we do.

Each song is very unique and yet maintains the consistent thread of our band’s individual musical strengths/slants.   The album and song title “Lost & Found” ended up being prophetic in many ways.  During the creation of this album we’ve dealt with death, birth, marriage and illnesses.  And all of us certainly are dealing with the volatility we face during these times of uncertainty.  We hope listeners will find a song or two that relates to them personally or provides a short trip emotionally to somewhere they want to go.”

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