Album Stream: Sunglow, Hog Heaven

After Sunglow saw the release of 2017’s Great Time of Day (the third installment via Furious Hooves), Daniel Brady Lynch released and tour the debut full-length LP Bottom Feeder (Graveface Records) as Bummerville in January of 2018. Upon his return, he immediately started collecting music from old hard drives, as well as current song sketches to assemble a new concept Sunglow album called Hog Heaven.
The assembly of Hog Heaven was essential, as the whole of 40 minutes that make up the album display as a continuous flow of sound. The collection works as a song collage, leading the listener thru a soundscape that allows a look at formulated ideas, a glimpse of a structure starting to form – immediately blending to the next cut. Just as in classic photo collage, Hog Heaven is a mash of snippets and cuts of what may be – letting the listener imagine what surrounds those brief experiences in whichever way they should choose, also letting them accept the song in its current context, as a piece of the whole.
In fact, Hog Heaven could play out as a direct reflection of Lynch’s recent excursion in packing up shop from his hometown of Savannah, Georgia and moving to the city of Chicago, Illinois.

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