Album Stream: Kult Krimes, “Heavenly Mess”

Kult Krimes is the solo effort from multi-instrumentalist and electronic composer, London Van Rooy. Each song tells a tale of its own and seems to operate from individual characters existing in one vessel. Merging genre’s like hip hop, post-punk, synth-pop and even a bit of industrial rock, London dares to break the idea of having “a certain sound” while pulling you in with an emphasis on mood and fanciful expression. 

Kult Krimes serves up the main course in the form of mind-blowing 4-track EP, Heavenly Mess. An all too fitting title for the project, this eerie yet remedying concoction of layered synthesizers, ardent vocalization, and fierce melodicism makes for a unique and satiating blend of noise that just absolutely hits the spot. Genre eludes this enigmatic force, as it subjects itself to the interpretation of its audience and leaves an impact unlike anything before it. Dive in and drift away with the sonic rhapsody that awaits within Heavenly Mess.