Album Stream: Kelly Hoppenjans, "OK, I Feel Better Now"

As she scrolled through the pages of a popular music magazine’s list declaring the 100 Greatest Guitarists issue, Kelly Hoppenjans found herself feeling perplexed; two women were named in the list: Joan Jett and Joni Mitchell. this discovery at such a young age had Hoppenjans shaken; she began wondering if women were unable to become rockstars.   “As a kid, I remember going over to friends’ houses to jam and being worried that my electric guitar was too loud,” Hoppenjans said in a press release. “I’d be like, ‘Should we turn it down? Is your mom going to yell at us?’ I was always worried about that, and the guys I usually played with could not give less of a shit.”

Today, the Nashville transplant singer-songwriter has dropped her debut full-length album OK, I Feel Better Now.  The tracks are filled with the power of femininity, a lifetime of healing, and fighting to break away from vicious cycles.  The empowering album channels the spirit of riot grrrl rock with folksy introspection.  The result is a brash collection of songs from a fearless musician who is ready to dispel the notion that women can just be every bit of a badass rockstar than men.

Please enjoy the album stream of OK, I Feel Better Now below.