Album Stream | Champagne Sunday, ‘Scour EP’

When you step into the venue that is hosting one of Champagne Sunday’s shows and you immediately find yourself in a place of enchantment.  Jessi Fredeen’s velvety crooning sets the table with the band’s trip-hop and R&B infused melodies.  The Washington-based ensemble are masterful in their craft and continue to keep you in its grasp with the latest effort Scour EP.  Champagne Sunday are allowing listeners to dive into the new tracks a day early from the scheduled release here on Ghettoblaster.

Here’s Fredeen on the album: “I had to get filthy in the imagery at times and really scrub away at some of the grime to expose, what I think, are some very beautiful things. These four songs were born at such different times, but they are siblings in their genetic make-up, with similar characteristics and themes.”

Fredeen was born shortly after her musician parents finished a gig one night and hasn’t left the stage since. After releasing her first record, Jezmerized, she opened for icon Richie Havens. In 2004, while living in Ventura, CA, she met Jared Fredeen, and set the rest of her life in motion. 

Jared grew up in Bradford, PA. While attending college at Penn State, he met a guitarist with whom he formed a band and moved to California. As that band began to fall apart, Jared began playing shows with his friend’s fiancé, Jessi [then] Reems-Terrell.

In 2005, they formed Champagne Sunday and began dating. Their romantic relationship has held the band together in the face of much adversity. At the time of their debut album Make It Mine (2006) the band was a quintet. Then, as the prospect of touring loomed close, their lead guitarist and their drummer got cold feet and left. Reconfigured as an acoustic three-piece, they toured in this format quite effectively over the next few years. 

(Photo: Chris Gomez)

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