Album Stream: Breeze Brewin ‘Hindsight’

For years, Breeze Brewin – known to friends and family as Paul Smith – has been a staple in underground Hip-Hop culture for years. With the dynamic sibling powered Juggaknots, along with sister Queen Heron and brother Buddy Slim, the group has been a definitive point in shaping the musical landscape of New York’s underground scene. With multiple albums, compilations, EPs, and singles, anyone who is anyone understands the impact of the group.

I’m sure for most it’s difficult to even surmise that the prolific emcee and educator is a topic of point today, as he releases his debut full-length release, Hindsight (Matic/Fat Beats), rife with soul, culture, and Haute-leveled lyricism for this thing called Hip-Hop. With guests and production assists from the likes of DJ Spinna, Marco Polo, DJ Maseo (De La Soul), and Black Milk, the album is assured to put other emcees on notice and make heads turn. The album is out now and you are able to stream it below.

“The creation of these songs was often my therapy, and it starts with ‘Gotta Love It,’” Breeze says of writing and recording the album. “For a time, I either couldn’t or just didn’t love it. It was that moment, in a studio with producer Sebb Bash, that I thought: fuck it, I’m gonna do this shit.”

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