Album Premiere: River Hooks Shares ’11:11′ EP

NYC vocalist/producer River Hooks is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and engineer. As she readies her debut EP, 11:11 (Internet & Weed), she’s released her first single “Mountains,” an oddly composed pop song with instruments caterwauling in the distance before her melancholic vocal delivery drives the atmospheric song into a different direction altogether. The backing vocals add to the song’s peculiarity but it’s inviting.

While River Hooks has received an assortment of comparisons, she’s an anomaly that’s derivative unto herself. That’s a lot to be said about the artist who originally hails from Washington, D.C., and now calls her Harlem neighborhood home. 11:11 is set to be released tomorrow, Friday 10/16/20 but everyone gets a first look at the release, premiering the EP in its entirety.

“This first EP is more or less an open diary into my life, thoughts and feelings,” shares Hooks. “I’m trying to beat the odds. I didn’t move up to New York City to not be working towards everything that’s in front of me right now. What I want people to take from my music is that if you have a dream, then fight for it.”

“I was a kid who went to shows in D.C. a lot, starting from age 9 (accompanied by mum until maybe 8th grade),” she offers. “I would study artists and the way they performed and these venues were basically my second home(s). It got the point when I turned 16 that every security guard knew me and I was able to meet my favorite artists like Jack White, The Killers and Santigold and talk with them. I was just lucky to be born into an awesome family who supported my dreams from a really young age, and was able to see that a career in music was something that I always seriously wanted to pursue.”

   “I play guitar and piano,” she continues. “When I was maybe 16 is when I started producing cover songs, which I would post on Soundcloud. I would produce all my music in my bedroom. Started off with GarageBand and leveled up to Logic Pro X. So I’m holding the titles of producer, songwriter, recorder, mixer and engineer. I can basically do it all.”

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Track listing:

   1.) Someday    
   2.) Mountains
   3.) Local Train    3:52    
   4.) First Love    3:45    
   5.) Self Doubt    2:42    
   6.) Trouble Sleepin’    3:23    
   7.) Where Do You Find Happiness?