Album Premiere: Karavan Sarai 'Torn In Love'

Composer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Narayan Sijan melds ancient knowledge gathered on a lifelong journey through the Silk Road (an ancient network of caravan routes reaching from East Asia to the Mediterranean) with modern electronics to create a sound both timeless and truly illustrative of the dawning global village on his latest effort Torn In Love. Sijan crafts soundscapes that dance through the musical traditions of Arabia, India, the Balkans, and Persia, pulling them into the future seamlessly. Truly deep fusion, Torn In Love is the soundtrack to the souks of another world.

Sijan joined his mastery of Egyptian oud and Turkish saz (baglama) and vocals with choreographer and dancer Schirin Chams-Diba, and two-time Grammy winner electronic musician and producer Carmen Rizzo (Seal, Paul Oakenfold, Niyaz) to create their debut album Woven Landscapes. The record propelled Sijan to festival performances at Symbiosis and Lightning in a Bottle.

Torn In Love continues the melodic journey, transporting listeners to the world of mystical rhythms echoing across time and space, lacing together something ancient and deeply human that resides in all of us. Melding ancient melodies with modern electronics, Karavan Sarai invites us to explore the stories of these faded caravan roads, this golden corridor of cultural exchange. As Sijan tells, “I am forever in awe and humbled by the meditative power of music and its celebrative, healing, and mystical
properties. I wish to bring listeners around that same fire, to hear the web for themselves.”

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