Album Premiere: Big Eyes Share New Album 'Streets Of The Lost'

Brooklyn’s Big Eyes gets lost within its music. That’s easy to do when one eschews trends in lieu of catchy melodies, honed after years of performing and writing. Formed back in 2009, the band has at least a decade’s worth of skill under its belt.

Kait Eldridge, is bandleader and songwriter behind Big Eyes, and the songs written here share Blackheart scruffiness, pop sensibilities, and sheer urgency. The band is rounded out by Paul Ridenour on guitar and backing vocals, his brother Jeff on bass, and Scott McPherson on drums. Together as Big Eyes, the band evokes a sound that traverses multiple timelines while remaining cohesively contemporary.

After multiple singles, E.P.s, and album, the band is set to drop its fourth full-length release, Streets Of The Lost (Greenway Records) tomorrow, April 5th but today the band shares the 10-track album in all it’s powerful glory. It’s catchy and melodic, filled with a rich thickness, all the while capturing the band’s own identity within every single track.

Of the music, the band says:

“Big Eyes, now with even more dueling guitars than ever before!!! “Streets of the Lost” takes a dive into the minds of the overlooked and forgotten creatures of society.”

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