New Music: Friday Roll Out With Fukc, Glitter Moneyyy

I understand female empowerment and positivity, as well as skills. There are moments though when I’m in the kitchen with my daughter and I find myself thinking, “Oh baby girl, I don’t think you should have taken out those cupcakes yet. I don’t think they’re ready.” And there are times when I have my headphones on when those thoughts seem relatable.

Enter: Glitter Moneyyy, two rappers known as Queen Trashley and TayyySlayyy who are on a unified front out of Chicago. They dropped a new album today in Binge (No Trend Records), and while this isn’t the duo’s first release, I’m not certain on the point of the release. Sure they’re quick and obvious with shock valued lyricism with sexually explicit ideology but it seems to get lost in the mix for a number of reasons. It’s not a complete loss though, and Tayyy & Queen make the most of “Nastyyy,” which begins with a guitar loop and a quick pace. But then that’s about it. Much of the subject matter flips around being bad bitches, being left unsatisfied by sexual partners, and more sex. Some messages seem to get lost in the fray, with messages of political correctness, gun violence, police brutality, and using Sandra Bland as a clear example.  

There isn’t much clarity around Binge, with beats that occasionally fall into mediocrity. You won’t find any Lizzobangers-type tracks here, but the jury isn’t completely out on Glitter Moneyyy. Better production may help the duo in the future.

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This one popped up on my radar and I’ve been listening to it over and over just to see if I missed anything. The French/English duo of cleverly named FUKC shared it’s Je Suis Meh EP (+1 Records) this week and I’ve been hard pressed to make comparisons to anything else, as well as thinking this release sounds a lot like everything else? Yes, I don’t make any sense and I know it.  

In actuality, these songs represent everything that’s wrong with music and everything that’s right (Yes, still not making sense.) This release is catchy AF and it’s unrelenting. After listening you may want to rip your ears out but instead, you’ll play it again. The duo plays with an amalgamation of electronic, disco, pop, and indie rock while never relinquishing its soul to the devil. In fact, their souls are intertwined within every track, whether it’s the danceable “I Wanna Be A Nobody” or the beauty in the melancholic “Not My History.” It seems whichever direction the duo moves into, it’s done with the utmost care. But it’s “Ride” I keep returning to. Same upbeat vibe, mixing both electronic and standard instrumentation, perfect for a high speed drive on desert roads.

Je Suis Meh might be FUKC’s debut release but after repeated listens over and over and over again, this is far from ‘meh’ and just downright funky.

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