New Music | Friday Roll Out: Redd Kross


Has it been over 40 years now? Yes, it has. Simply put, the brothers McDonald – Scott and Jeff – have always been craftsmen in their trade, writing and recording songs that could stand the test of time, shifting from a garage rock-oriented style to explosive pop connoisseurs rattling around with loud guitars and loads of hooks. This is Redd Kross. The band, rounded out by bassist Jason Shapiro and everyone’s favorite drummer Dale Crover (Melvins, Off!, Fantômas), has been sharing music for over 40 years and obviously still has a lot to offer. The band just released its 8th full-length release, and eponymous double album (In The Red), and is ready to set the world ablaze. Again.

Throughout the new release, the band unapologetically rocks with the fervor of a thousand suns leveling garage spaces, fitting songs with a wide array of harmonies (“Stunt Queen”), while also ditching voluminous guitars to showcase epic structures of songwriting (“Good Times Propaganda Band”). But the band doesn’t ditch those loud guitars completely. This isn’t always an easy task to accomplish but Redd Kross still has a lot to offer and teach the next generation of bands willing to pay attention.

With the new album, there’s an abundance of beauty, style, and aggression to take in. With the 18-song album, Redd Kross delivered it in spades. We would all be hard pressed to find a band that has been able to continuously write and record with this level of artistry the way it has.