New Music | Friday Roll Out With Deaf Club

Whether one is inebriated or not, a wicked noise often comes this way. Although some artists have seemingly been left on the fringes, bands like The Locust, The Manx, Weak Flesh, ACxDC, Run With the Hunted, have always found a fanbase always rabidly awaiting new music. We’re going somewhere with this I promise. Members of those groups have come together, forming much like a disjointed Voltron, as Deaf Club, releasing the Contemporary Sickness EP back in 2019, and Justin Pearson, Brian Amalfitano, Scott Osment, Jason Klein, and Tommy Meehan have continued to deliver a brand, a sound that’s unique and unrelenting. Intrigued? Well, you should be.

This week saw the release of the band’s debut offering, Productive Disruption (Three One G), and what may sound like a noisy rendition of paint scraping off a chalkboard with nails, as your parents might suggest, is an unrelenting excursion of a collective of songs that are organized with precision and true musicianship. The straight hardcore freneticism is a fully functional machine with Pearson’s maddening vocal delivery spitting up bloody rawness at every turn. Don’t take anyone else’s word for it, the band opens with “For A Good Time, Call Someone Else,” where the band leaves no empty spaces unturned. It’s fast, unchained, chaotic, and fascinating.  It sets the mood and pace of the album and oh what a ride this is. It leads right into “Chew The Fat” where the band moves effortlessly in one motion. Does it destroy everything in its wake? Of course it does, as chords and howled vocals work together in unison.

Throughout Productive Disruption, the songs are noticeable in their brevity but it makes no difference as each song is fitted with an abundance of eloquently placed sonics & dynamics to make the album a disruptive masterpiece. Listen to it and decide for yourself but if you disagree, you’d be completely wrong.

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