Chrome Cranks, Ain't No Lies In Blood, Bang

Ain’t No Lies In Blood

I feel dirty. Like I’m living in 1995 again, hitting Lower Eastside bars to watch skuzzy city blues garage bands and ordering PBR off tap. I’m dancing up by front when Chrome Cranks come on opening for JSBX. Oh hell yeah, the dirty drunk in me sleazes up to the blond in the tight leather pants. Ain’t No Lies In The Blood sounds like it starts where the Chrome Cranks left off so many years ago, or did they go anywhere? No, the Chrome Cranks haven’t gone anywhere, just into hibernation. Their first album since 1997’s Love In Exile, Ain’t No Lies In Blood marks their potent return to form. The opening “I’m Trash” pretty much sums up the group’s sonic, garagey sound as Aaron staccato vocal delivery bursts in and out. But it’s “Rubber Rat” that continuously sucks me in with Jerry Teel’s slow slinky bass leading the fucking way. Yeah, the Chrome Cranks have returned… with a vengeance! (Bang) by Eddie Ugarte